5 Tips for Designing a Lovely Kitchen

Many homeowners are going through renovations nowadays, and it’s not a surprise. Considering the designs that flood social media sites every day, it entirely makes sense.

Whether you’re working your way up from scratch or re-doing your existing kitchen, you have endless options. So, let’s get right to five very crucial tips that can help you design the perfect kitchen.

Use the Internet to Design

You may look for designs on social media, magazines, blogs, and other places. While all of that is great for inspiration, it’s not always possible or a good choice to get the same thing.

Designing a home should be about having a timeless look representing your personality, the way you think, or something about you. So, you should consider putting more of a personal touch. That will be incredibly simple if you use the Kaboodle online kitchen planner.

What Is A Kitchen To You?

While it may seem silly, thinking about the function of your kitchen is essential. Sure, a kitchen may primarily be used for cooking. But, in many homes, the kitchen is the most or the second-most used room in the house.

People watch TV in the kitchen, chat with their kids after school, hang out with friends, and do many more things. Some even have sofas in the kitchen, besides a dining table.

That’s why you should give this quite a thought and think about what YOU want in a kitchen.

The More Storage the Merrier

Not having enough storage space is a massive concern for a lot of homeowners. That’s also a very popular reason for renovating.

If you’re working with a large space, there are obviously many ways to get creative. But the problems come with small or average-sized kitchens. However, you can easily find many smart storage solutions that people have come up with over the years.

Pans and pots drawers, walk-in pantries, appliance garage with retractable doors, and pantries with pull-out drawers are just some of the great ideas you could use. Pull-out drawers are trendy, especially for smaller items like herbs and spices.

Purchase Appliances before the Renovation

It’s not going to easy to design the right layout until you have the appliances. If you look at stoves and cooktops, you may be surprised by the number of options in front of you. That’s just one of the essential appliances you need.

If you think about the appliances or buy them in advance, planning the kitchen design can become more manageable.

The Right Amount of Light

People underestimate how important lighting can be in a room. It doesn’t only add to the design but also the aesthetics and feel of the room.

Generally speaking, four essential types of lighting should be in your kitchen. You should have some general lighting that lights up the whole room, obviously with various fixtures. Then you may need to get task lighting that helps perform specific tasks.

You also need to have some accent lighting that mostly serves a decorative function. Finally, you should allow some natural light into your home.