5 Tips for a Perfect GRE Issue Essay

GRE issue essay is a critical task every student is assigned in class. Usually, tutors make it the end of the program or course to see students’ acknowledgment in a particular discipline. This essay always starts with two essay prompts. One of those prompts asks a student to write what’s called an issue essay. An issue is a topic where the author can usually argue for one or another side or viewpoint.

Still, it is tough for students to concentrate on writing even when they succeed in taking tests or have high verbal and quantitative scores. In this article, we represented five tips that help you get a perfect score on this type of academic task even if you are not confident in impressive writing skills.

1. Practice writing essays.

You don’t need to have tons of essays before starting your GRE issue essay, but writing at least three of them will help you to prepare for the GRE issue essay writing process and spend it efficiently. You can always look at how other students cope with this task or read life hacks for homework to level up your skills. Writing such essay types as a book review or argumentative essay will save you from redundant mistakes and additional research.

Unlike other essay types, the GRE issue looks like a concise email to your audience.  Therefore, don’t concentrate on how well you make things flow in your text, but the essence it brings to your readers.

2. Avoid water in text.

Once you’ve got 30 minutes to write your GRE issue essay, it shouldn’t be watery. Tell your readers only what matters because you simply have no time for bringing up arcane stuff. Define which side you’re going to argue for and concentrate on it for effective delivery.

As in other essay types, you might need help in writing, and you can visit particular student sources. There are many guides and other helpful articles on the blogs. Some students even can ask for a custom essay sample and succeed in studying. To find out more about students who use it, you can find it on this review page. This is essential to find out more information from outside because you can quickly adopt your knowledge to GRE issue essay writing. The reader should understand which side you are going to prove, so be determined in your approach. Make yourself feel more balanced when you address your state toward opinion very concerned. So, take one side and roll with it!

3. Choose examples from a narrow subject.

Specific examples work great in the GRE issue essay. They help you to convince readers and sound more confident. Try to avoid the theoretical approach; instead, think of real-world evidence. It can make your essay stronger and engage your audience for further research on a concrete topic.

Keep your work relevant! Don’t make your GRE issue essay a recollection of instances or book report of events. Therefore, this point supports previous recommendations when you need to analyze, select, and specify details you want to include in your essay. Proving your point, only use real-life examples that are actually going back up what you’re trying to get out.

4. Write in third-person.

In the GRE issue essay, an author should avoid self-reverence and write text in the third-person. When some of the examples are from your personal life, you can use first-person delivery. Still, try no to make too many unnecessary references to yourselves. Otherwise, when you are direct and enrich your writings with declarative statements, your GRE issue essay is more valuable.

5. Refute the opposite in summary.

If you find a side t against you, mention it at the end of your GRE issue essay. Acknowledge them and write the most vital point of it and then make sure you can refute them with no less opposite solid opinion.


As you understand, that GRE issue essay is about how clearly you can get the information across. Specific real-world relevant examples set you on your way to successfully passing the test! Let these five tips accompany you during the writing process, so you manage your task with no effort!