5 Sustainable E-commerce Packaging Elements

If you want your products to be displayed with style and flair, then you should consider investing in sustainable e-commerce packaging. This will ensure that your business remains stylish and attractive at all times. And this goes for all your products, not just luxury items. Statistics show that consumers tend to buy from businesses that have the right attitude. And these are qualities that cannot really be quantified. As consumers become more eco-conscious, it makes sense to turn to e-commerce packaging and order fulfillment services that recycle, reuse, or remanufactured products as much as possible, using the most resource-efficient methods available.

  1. Composting – This is the process of mixing materials, for example cardboard, paper or plastic, and encouraging the growth of beneficial microorganisms that compost the waste and turn it back into useful nutrients. Recycling in general has become very important because of the global environmental crisis. But having reliable eco-friendly packaging is just another great way of making the environment a bit less threatening.
  2. Recyclable Packaging – Another type of sustainable ecommerce packaging is recyclable packaging. In the same way as traditional packaging, it requires a certain level of customization. But instead of using disposable paper, consumers can opt for reusable cardboard, which not only provides protection against insects, but also makes a good addition to the current collection of packaging used by consumers. The material is also easy to handle and very durable. But the best thing about recycled paper is that consumers can actually make a positive contribution towards a greener environment. They can feel good about recycling, reuse or remanufacturing unwanted items, contributing to a sustainable cause at the same time. In terms of a product’s sustainability, another option worth exploring is food grade plastic. There are many advantages of using this kind of packaging, the most important of them being its durability. Because it’s safe to use, food grade plastic is easy to maintain. It can be recycled easily, reducing the consumption of valuable resources. And in terms of packaging, food grade plastic is the most suitable material for eco-friendly, sustainable ecommerce packaging since it ensures the company’s credibility and sustainability efforts. Not all types of boxes are recyclable. However, there are companies like Swag Bar who can give you both amazing designs and at the same be eco-friendly.
  3. Structural Packaging – Yet another type of sustainable ecommerce packaging is structural packaging, which is made out of recycled materials and components. Structured goods, when manufactured in a factory using eco-friendly manufacturing processes, can have a much longer shelf life than similar products manufactured in an industrial setting that’s not committed to green living. This is because such products are resistant to moisture, termites, mold and pests. Moreover, consumers can be confident that such structural products they buy will not leak. Therefore, buyers can ensure that the items they purchase are as safe as possible.
  4. Cardboard – A popular, convenient, and sustainable ecommerce packaging element is cardboard. Cardboard boxes are lightweight, affordable, and long-lasting. Boxes made from recyclable cardboard can be stacked on top of one another to save space and avoid waste. Also, cardboard boxes are usually void of any adhesives, glue or any toxic substances. The best part is that recyclable cardboard has the same properties as natural tissue paper.
  5. Eco-Friendly Packing Peanuts – Next sustainable ecommerce packaging element is eco-friendly packing peanuts. These special packing peanuts help preserve food from oxidation and extend the shelf life of the same. By making sure that buyers get the right snack at the right time, food brands show their commitment towards sustainability.

The Bottom Line

There are many different aspects of ecommerce fulfillment and choosing the right one from the start can mean the difference between success and failure.Most of the time, it’s easier and more convenient to work with someone you already know because they already understand how the process works and can help you figure out what’s going on, and how you’re going to get the product to your customer. From that perspective Atlantic eCommerce Packaging is the best option you can get today as they provide professional ecommerce packaging services. They understand exactly what it is that you need in the way of packaging, and quality control.