5 Reasons Why Your Cat Goes Outside of the litter box

Your cat from hell actually soiled your bed this time, right under your pillow and you did not find out until bedtime. You are frustrated as to why it keeps going out of the litter and are convinced your cat is actually from hell this time.

Well, the chances are you are wrong. There are many reasons why a cat might be obstinate about not using its tray and as a cat owner, it’s your duty to ensure your cat does have healthy habits like using its litter tray.

In this article I am going to give you 5 reasons why your cat goes outside of the litter box. This is going to be as practical as possible. So let’s go!

  1. Dirty litter box: Cats are neat. No compromise. A dirty litter box makes them feel uncomfortable. Humans do not like dirty toilets and cats don’t either. Try cleaning out the litter box completely and wait for changes. You may want to try these automatic cat litter boxes at https://www.petsho.com/best-automatic-cat-litter-box/.
  2. Small litter box: Your cat wouldn’t use the litter box if it’s in the wrong size. If they feel the box is too tight, they would abandon its use. Another issue could be that your cat is having issues climbing into the litter tray. This could be if the edges are too high and you either own a kitten or a disabled cat. You need to get a new box for your cat.
  3. Wrong placing: Cats are easily spooked animals. They could get claustrophobic too. Your cat is probably avoiding its litter tray because you placed the tray far away from humans, in a corner where no one goes. You have to move The litter tray to where human activity occurs, just like the toilet or an open area. They do get claustrophobia, so you have to ensure you do not place the litter box in enclosed spaces.
  4. Self-cleaning litter box: Even though a self-cleaning litter box would get chores off your hands, the sound of a self-cleaning litter box would scare your cat away. Ensure the box is not placed near a machine that could produce disturbing sounds either.
  5. Uncomfortable litter or underneath material: Another reason your cat could skip the use of it’s litter box is that it might not like the feel of the litter underfoot. You may have been using liners because it makes the litter box easier to clean, the fact is most cats do not like the way it feels underneath their paws. You should also find out what your cat likes, some like the feel of tiles and some like cotton. When you do find out, you may want to consider putting tiles or a piece of cloth before adding the litter.

Conclusion. As a responsible cat owner, it is your duty to encourage healthy habits in your cat. In this article I have provided 5 reasons why your cat goes out of the litter box, you might look into them and make changes.