5 Reasons Why People Choose Cabinet Refacing St. Charles

Are you tired of the appearance of your cabinets? One way is to get your cabinets replaced. This will change the way your kitchen appears and has its benefits. A lot of homeowners do not realise that there is another alternative-cabinet refacing St. Charles. Below are given some reasons for cabinet refacing that may be a great option for you.

1.Cost Effective Option

For a number of people, the first reason that they go for refacing their Instead of replacing them, the cabinets, is that it is a much more reasonable option. The way it works is very simple. The structure of the cabinet remains. You may take it as the bones of the cabinet are in their place. We then remove the handles, doors, and other parts of the face and replace them. This upgrade makes the kitchen as if a brand new one because of the new cabinets but at very low cost. The average savings is nearly 60% compared to replacing the cabinets.

2. Cabinet Refacing Takes a Lot Less Time

You don’t go for home improvement projects because you know they will take a lot of time, then you should know that cabinet refacing is very quick and less time-consuming. It takes only about a week for the cabinet refacing project. You can compare this with the complete kitchen cabinet that takes about four weeks and you can see that cabinet refacing is much faster.

3.Refacing Cabinet Is Less Messy

It may be messy to go for home renovation projects. They involve a lot of plastic tarps, sawdust and other things. Since cabinet refacing does not involve removal of the cabinets so there are a few messes because no spray finishes are used in the home. At the end of the day, when the work is over then the kitchen is vacuumed, wiped down and cleaned up so it stays as clean as possible.

4. Cabinet Refacing Is More Convenient

Who wants their kitchen to be unusable for even a day? If you have the replacement of the cabinets, your kitchen could be out of work for weeks. This may not be the case with cabinet refacing. In many cases, you may use the kitchen throughout the refacing process.

5. Cabinet Refacing Is An Eco-friendly Option

There are some reasons that cabinet refacing is an eco-friendly option then cabinet replacing altogether. First, you are not throwing away the cabinet simply that is working just fine. Second, use renewable local lumber and materials. If you wish to reduce the number of materials that are taken out of the earth to get your new cabinets, then refacing is a perfect choice.


They refaced cabinets last as long as new cabinets and hold up to 20 years of normal wear and tear. Any repairs required to the refaced cabinets are minor and very simple to repair. In a number of cases, references provide a five-year warranty for the refaced cabinets.