5 Prominent Bakery Food Service Distributors in Australia

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Bakeries are an integral part of Australia’s thriving food service economy. Various bakery food service distributors nationwide supply baking products such as bread, rolls, pastries, and cakes.

Food service firms in Australia also rely on the support of distributors known for their dedication to their clients and commitment to producing only the highest quality items.

This article examines the best five bakery food service suppliers in Australia.

Notable mentions include:

1. Country Chef

Country Chef is a Queensland bakery company with dedicated staff and has been in the baking business since 1952. The company has mastered the creation of nourishing and delicious family favourites like desserts and bread by using its legacy and technical know-how alongside today’s on-trend ingredients.

Their baking products include several types of pavlova and banana bread, desserts loved by many Aussies.

Country Chef Bakery Co. was inspired by the founders’ desire to give friends and family a “WOW” experience with every bite of their delicacies. The entity is proud of its roots in the food service industry and its ability to grow operations while maintaining traditional service values.

After many years in the baking business, Country Chef serves major retailers like Woolworths, Coles, Qantas, and 7-Eleven. Its services also extend toward wholesalers like Bidvest, PFD, and Countrywide.

2. Australian Bakels

Australian Bakels, another prominent bakery company, provides baking products, ingredients, and solutions in Australia.

Bread mixes, pastry mixes, fillings, and glazes, are just some of the things they sell. They also provide clients with training and technical assistance to boost productivity and quality while baking.

3. George Weston Foods

Food service baked goods such as bread, rolls, buns, and pastries are supplied by George Weston Foods, one of the most prominent bakery food service distributors in Australia’s food service industry.

As part of their services, George Weston Foods offers food service solutions that can save money and time for their clients. Besides being a bakery food service distributor that focuses on traditional baking products like croissants and danishes, the company provides a variety of specialty bread, hamburger buns, and artisan bread.

George Weston Foods can make private label items for its clients, allowing them to market their labelled goods.

4. Inghams Enterprises

Inghams Enterprises is a famous baking company that supplies bakery goods to Australia’s hospitality sector. The entity’s offerings revolve around bread, rolls, and pastries.

Clients will find artisan bread, sandwiches, wraps, and delectable pastries on the menu. Picky eaters will also love the firm’s gluten-free and specialty items.

To ensure its products live up to their high standards, Inghams Enterprises adheres to food safety and quality assurance prerequisites in Australia.

5. Cheesecake Shop

The Cheesecake Shop is a famous bakery in Australia. As a top-tier commercial bakery, the Cheesecake Shop distributes cakes, pastries, and other baked products to restaurants and cafes.

Cheesecakes, tarts, slices, and a variety of specialty cakes are available for sale. Folks on a strict gluten or vegan diet can enjoy the specialty options available.

Clients can make takeout orders using the Cheesecake Shop’s online ordering system. The baking company also caters adequately to occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and corporate gatherings.

Cheesecake Shop

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Contact one of the listed leading bakery food service distributors if you run a restaurant or cafe in Australia and require excellent baking products.

These wholesalers are reputed for providing top-notch Australian bakery products and customer service.

Besides selling bread, rolls, pastries and cakes, these companies have items geared towards special diets on their menus.

A reliable bakery food service distributor also provides the resources essential for businesses to thrive in the saturated Australian food service market while catering to their clients’ needs.