5 Kitchen Technology Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Kitchen Design

The anatomy of a kitchen has changed considerably in the last few decades. Every day we come across exciting new technologies and options to take our breath away, leaving us inspired and awed. From state-of-art backsplashes to high-tech faucets, from gliding drawers to sinks that make you swoon, the up-and-coming technologies in a kitchen are boundless and inexhaustible. Every now and then, your kitchen will need an upgrade to meet the requirements of the current times. If your current kitchen is no longer impressing you and if you have been planning to upgrade your kitchen, look no further! We have just the perfect selection to ensure that your new dream kitchen is nothing less than a dream come true. If you are looking for the perfect contractor to do the job right, Tenafly kitchen contractors are the way to go. Here is also the link to learn how to choose the right kitchen organisers to save more space. Development in new technology has led to new product introduction such as the electric smooth cooktop.



AI-Driven Gadget:

With artificial technology making its way everywhere and smart homes being the future of every household, AI-driven gadget is something that was long coming! Kitchen gadgets have always been a staple addition to a productive kitchen, and replacing your kitchen gadgets with their AI-driven counterparts will lead to increased control and cooking efficiency. With artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants being linked to your appliances, you can now enjoy voice-controlled cooking, take advantage of cross-platform connectivity, and cook with the tap of your smartphone! The future is here!

Built-In Electrical Outlets:

Built-in outlets that extend from countertops are standard in modern kitchens in homes and are a game-changer. With such outlets in your kitchen, you can constantly keep your gadgets fully charged and operate your kitchen appliances without worrying about outlets! You can even design charging stations inside the cabinet drawers, which allows you to charge your devices inside while keeping them well out of sight! It is safe as well as makes for a clean and tidy space without any pesky wires!

Smart Compost Bin:

Garbage bins have never been this smart before. If you always wanted to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle but never had the space or the infrastructure to compost your garbage, your problems are now solved. Innovative solutions like smart compost bins strive to reduce your food waste production by converting it into compost which can be used in gardening! Smart kitchen dustbins transform your food waste into healthy and fertile soil and are perfect for food waste management and garbage disposal at home. It not only makes composting easy and convenient, but it also stops landfills, air, and groundwater pollution while bettering the lives of waste workers. This is the kind of kitchen Technology that works out for you and is extremely helpful for the planet.

high tech faucet-jpeg


Touch-activated Faucets:

Are you even surprised? Touch-activated faucets have arrived- and how! And it is no longer to be found just at expensive malls or hotels and has paved its way into our homes. The most practical of all kitchen technology creations, the touch-activated faucets are handy and are a perfect solution for messy hands while cooking! You can now turn on the water with just a tap of the wrist elbow for hand, and just like magic, the faucet runs! This revolutionary touch-activated faucet will imperatively change your cooking game! 

Entertainment Screens:

Cooking and entertainment go hand in hand, and it is no surprise that the ever-present screen which surrounds us has also found its way to the kitchen counters. This is a luxury you never thought you needed, but you will greatly appreciate it, as a television screen or tablet can make meal prepping for cooking a breeze. This is a perfect way to catch up with your favorite series for following a recipe to the T. You can designate a dedicated shelving area or get creative by tucking away the screen inside a cabinet. Just keep in mind that the cables and wires are taken into consideration.

This is just a drop in the ocean, as many kitchen technologies are being introduced every day, some convenient and genius ideas, while others claim the title of being extremely luxurious. Whether you are looking for a slight change in your kitchen design to refresh or considering a serious renovation, we hope you found some inspiration from the options mentioned above. A professional interior designer can also offer the best advice on arranging your kitchen for a perfect and fulfilling outcome.