5 Handy and Essential Considerations to Make During Car Donation

Have you been meaning to donate your car to a charity? But are you aware of the procedures to take care of? The concept of car donations may seem like an easy procedure and like every other form of donation. However, this isn’t necessarily how it should be. The idea about this form of charity is slowly gaining popularity among people as a way to get an exemption from paying taxes. Therefore, it generally leads people to simply put away their vehicles without considering a few crucial steps.

What are the Significant Considerations to Make?

While the factors to keep in mind while donating a vehicle are significant, they really aren’t some hassle that you need to worry about. They can rather be considered as different methods to keep proof to present when needed. Additionally, they will also help you to avoid unnecessary attention from the unwanted public. Here are the five significant considerations to make:

1. Look for the Organization of your choice: There are multiple categories of organizations where you can choose to donate your vehicle. This can range from orphanages to health-related NGOs or old age homes. There also are organizations that try to earn profit from the car donation they receive and further benefit the needy. You may check on MERSGoodwill.org to learn more about the approach. You can quickly come across multiple such charities with a little research on the internet.

2. Say No to Agents: Remember, a donation is a charitable cause and you cannot give it the benefit of doubt by including agents. The minute you announce the service, a number of agents would try to connect with you. However, most of them deal in selling off the vehicle to a middleman instead of genuinely giving it to someone who is in much need. Hence, you should visit the organization of your choice and give them the vehicle yourself with no third party involved.

3. Consider Complete Transfer: After you handover the vehicle, make sure that you do a complete transfer of every document and equipment. This is necessary to avoid being dragged into problems of violations and tickets in the future. Offer complete ownership of the vehicle to the donated organization and keep the respective department of motor vehicles of your area informed.

4. Self Delivery: Do not consider using the help of a third party to deliver the vehicle to the organization. Go to them yourself and drop the vehicle off. This will add to the proof that may be required in the future. Additionally, you may also get the chance to interact with the members and understand how their services operate.

5. Documents: Ensure that you keep the relevant documents of the vehicle and the donation (if provided) handy. Doing this will prove beneficial when you file for your tax relief later. There are certain forms and advantages to enjoy based on the value of your donated vehicle. This may be required from the organization you associated with.

Hence, ensure that you take your step to donate a car by following these simple tips. Doing this will help you live a hassle-free life and allow the charity to benefit from your donation and prepare you to buy your next car.