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5 furniture to save space in your living room

The living room is the heart of any home. It’s where we spent more time (awake, at least), where we get to friends and we identify with leisure time home. But not always meet our expectations, either for reasons of light, shape or size . If the latter is your problem, all is not lost. There are some tricks that allow better use of space and create a sort of optical illusion without making reforms to try to beat a few meters to the next room or the terrace or have a big budget. A lighting right, the clear colors and the right choice of a lounge furniture will be your best allies if the problem of your home goes through shortage of square meters.

living room

5 furniture to save space in the living room

Shoemakers design

If the design functionality and a long time are not incompatible in the decor makes the shoe does not have to be a piece of furniture feuno relegate the entrance hall or storage, especially because you see where you put it if your small little apartment does not have these estancias-. A shoe with an innovative design that keeps the lines from the rest of the room can go through a showcase and help maintain order.

High shelves

Although some say that low furniture help create spaciousness, take advantage of the vertical space is our advice facing rooms where you want to gain distance. With current systems modules, you can choose the height of the shelf, so make sure you go up. The other option is to place high shelves to avoid overloading the lower space and exploit the land for other furniture as a sofa or table. The corners are not being lost because space and give many opportunities shelves.

Elevating tables

coffee table Your center can make your dinners with friends and even your office desk thanks to the elevating tables. Your lower tray can be a great magazine. There are also tables with both front and laterally lifting system, perfect to use if you have a chaise longue or two L-shaped sofas.

Room divider

shelves Another function is to separate environments, perfect for apartments with a unique space, where lounge, kitchen and bedroom mix. The open shelves without bottom- and edged on both sides intended to be visible from any angle are perfect. With several strategically placed shelves you can separate environments.


This service unit lets you take advantage of those lost centimeters above the radiator and use them as if it were a dresser. Standard measures countertops these pieces are usually about 60 or 120 centimeters wide, depending on the size of the radiator, for about 18.5 background. your books or the vase have a new space on which be placed. Note that the design and mounting system allows heat to escape.

Once you have the room with colors, furniture and appropriate accessories, it is important the distribution . Create a plan and test! If you measure the room and play with the design options is key to any decorative process it becomes a necessity when we have a smaller room in which we would like. Draw the plan of the room, with actual measurements to scale-for example, each real meter will be one centimeter in your leaf- and the model starts to speculate. You have to study the shape of the room to decide how to distribute the furniture and accessories in the best possible way, how to take the corners or how to avoid the columns and windows.