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5 Easy DIY Ways to Build a TV Stand

Our home is the place where we spend the most of our time and that’s the place where we want to feel comfortable and relaxed. That’s why we’re making almost everything to adapt it to our needs and wishes. Bringing something new in the place you live in is always welcomed, especially if you’re able to get inspired and create some nice piece of furniture on your own. Just a little refreshment in the interior can do miracles! If you’re not beginner in the craft world, then we’re sure that you’ve tried to construct a lot of ideas. Actually, there is one type of project that’s not very popular, but is essential for your living room. That project is called DIY build a TV stand! Finding an appropriate TV stand with step by step instructions can be challenging, but with a little research and effort, we’ve collected 5 easy ideas just for you. Scroll down and check out our list that’s full with surprises!

DIY Build a TV Stand

build a tv stand

We’re starting our phenomenal list with something classy and easy to create. DIY rustic build a TV stand is a wooden piece of furniture that can be adapted to any kind of interior style. It’s a simple project full with instructions, so anyone at any skill level can achieve it!

TV Stand with Pivoting Door to Hide Electronics

It can be really irritating when we see different electronics everywhere in the living room. That’s why you need a TV stand with pivoting door to secrete electronics! This is a project that will show you how to make it, plus it’s not very huge, which means that it’ll be perfect for rooms where you have a problem with lack of space!

Flip Down Media Drawer

We have one more DIY idea that can help you to hide your DVD and other electronics. Flip down media drawer is a very elegant and chic solution which is sure to impress all your guests and visitors…no one will believe you that is handmade!

Turn a Dresser into a TV Stand

There is a wide range of ideas for transforming an old dresser into TV stand and we weren’t able to ignore that option, because people love it and is pretty easy. As you can notice, we’ve implemented this type of project in our list. All you have to do is to update your dresser a little and maybe to paint it in some different color. White or brown?! It depends on your choice!


Sometimes the simplest and the most neutral things are the most beautiful either. DIY TV unit on the picture above is a real proof for that! Look at how amazing and stylish it is?! A perfect deal for small, but tastefully decorated spaces!