Wall Decor

5 Easy coatings to change the look of the walls

Today we present 5 Easy coatings to change the look of the walls easily, quickly and cleanly. Do not miss it! Wall decor is so important for any luxury apartment. If you want to change the look of the walls of your house easily and without making a large investment in a work, wall coverings we propose today will be your best choice. Since false decorative stones to recycling timber, five ideas to renew the look of the walls of your home cheaply.


Five Easy coatings to renew the walls

Bricks decorative

coatings allow us to change the look of a room in an easy, quick and clean. And that’s exactly what we did when we use the decorative brick to cover the front wall of a room. A flexible and versatile material that perfectly mimics the brick.

With recycled pallets

Núria Sánchez sent us this wall lined with recycled pallets. ” I went coating the wall, cutting to size, giving way to encase perfectly and gluing them to the wall with an adhesive product, “he explains Sánchez.


Ideal for kitchens and baths, vinyl siding is very decorative and, above all, easy to maintain to maintain. Moreover, these moisture resistant pieces are placed in a fast, easy way without works.


On this occasion, to line the front of the kitchen employ sheets of glass mosaic, metallic finish that is easily installed in the wall. We use tile adhesive for fixing and finish off the job by placing a few trims. Finally, fill the joints with a suitable product for this type of task.

Okoume wood

When protect and decorate the walls of our homes, the market offers multiple options. On this occasion, we suggest coating the walls of a room, a bedroom in our case, simply and economically with wooden slats okume bastardization in different shades.