4 unique ways to prepare for Michigan winters

If you have recently made the decision to move to Michigan, you’re in for some adventure. It is one of the most beautiful places to live in, with dense greenery and clear skies. Michigan has its ups and downs related to its weather. The winter can bring about relentless snow and cold, making it difficult for the residents to go about their daily activities. There are a few things that you need to prepare for before the harsh winters arrive. It is important to take your winter prep quite seriously since it will only help you and your family in the end.

Prep your plants

Frost is quite a major issue when it comes to taking care of your plants in the winters. Ice formation can lead to serious freeze injury in your plants. It even leads to injuries inside the plant tissue that can prove fatal for them. You should cover them up to protect them from frost so that they do not die on you during the winter season. Be sure to remove any weeds that might be growing there. Get all debris cleaned up or burned so that there are no unwanted weeds later on.

Waterproof your basement

You might think that you need a water-proof basement just in the spring and summer, but that is most definitely not the case. A lot of homeowners do not know that even though the temperature above the surface is below freezing, the lower layers of the earth are warmer. This means that it is warm enough to allow seepage. If you notice some soil pressure in your basement, it is best to search for basement waterproofing Lansing, MI  to get an estimate of the issue. This soil pressure can lead to foundation issues later on which should be dealt with immediately.

Prep your vehicle to be snow-ready

So many accidents happen during the winters because owners fail to get snow tires. It is important to not wait for the snow to come and instead get these tires beforehand so that there is no risk of an accident. You can even get some tire chains to ensure that your car has enough traction. Make up an emergency kit for your car that includes warm clothes, blankets, etc. You should even keep an icescraper or a snow brush in your car for emergencies.

Insulate your spigots and pipes

During times when your house experiences below freezing temperatures, it is quite important to keep a check on your pipes. If your pipes have a leak, they can freeze over and burst. It is important to take care of this issue while it is cheap and to not wait till some major repairs need to be done. You should keep them insulated so that they do not freeze. Also make sure to check if some parts are a little rusty so you can get them changed before winter arrives.

It is quite important to get your house ready for the harsh winters of Michigan. Make sure that you do not leave anything till the last minute.