4 Tips To Create The Perfect Bedroom For Sleep

How many hours do you sleep? Three? Four? Or Five hours? According to advice from the National Sleep Foundation, healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, some of us find it hard to sleep for just two hours even if we live in a place as quiet as Georgia. For some, it could be because of sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, etc., while for others it could be because of bad sleep habits.

Whether you have certain sleep disorders that make sleep hard to come by, or you are struggling with bad sleeping habits, changing up your bedtime habit, including your bedroom decor, can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips that can help you sleep better.

1. Declutter your bedroom

Move closer to your door and take a good look at your room. What does it look like? Is it well arranged or does it appear like one of those dump yards in Georgia? If your room is well organized, good for you! However, if you have lots of stuff scattered around your room, you may want to put them in place to create a more relaxing vibe.

How on earth do you expect to sleep well when you have lots of clothes lying on your bed? Get those clothes into your closet, put your room in order, and you’d be surprised at how easy sleep will come.

2. Invest in nice sheets and mattress

How good are your sheets? Do they have several holes? Do they reek like sour milk? Or are they hard on your skin? Sleeping on an uncomfortable sheet is one of the best ways to sleep less. How do you expect to sleep well when the loosened threads are constantly poking your skin? Or how do you sleep well when your mattress is filled with angry bed bugs that plagues Johns Creek’s residence?

Investing in quality sheets and mattresses will go a long way in ensuring that you have a good night’s rest. Don’t wait till you start seeing the effects of bedbugs on your skin. Get a quality mattress from one of those reliable mattress stores Johns Creek GA. Also, always ensure that you wash your sheets regularly and sun your mattress when needed.

3. Muff all sounds

I doubt there is anyone who can sleep with a loud noise. If you can, then you are a super-human!  However, if you are like most of us who can’t, you should turn off all sources of noise in your room before you go to bed. Yes, that TV set and your phone can interrupt your sleep. But, white noise can actually help you sleep soundly. Based on the National Sleep Foundation, the surrounding noise can help shield background sounds (like a dog barking) and help you sleep like a baby.

4. Switch off the lights

It is common practice to turn off the lights before going to bed. Leaving your lights on will hinder your sleep Aside from that, exposure to artificial light while sleeping increases the risk for obesity. That said, whenever you are about to sleep, make sure you turn off all the lights in your room. Not just the bedside lamp. Switch off your TV, computer, including your smartphone.

Artificial lights tell your biological clock that it’s time to wake up, thus hindering your sleep cycle and wrecking the overall quality of your sleep. You should turn on the light in your room during the day and sunrise, not at midnight when your friend buzzes you.


Sound sleep has several therapeutic properties. It helps boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, strengthen your heart, enhance your mood, etc. Considering the numerous benefits of sound sleep, you must ensure that you sleep well. Eat light before bed. Invest in quality mattresses and sheets. Switch off the lights before bed and enjoy a lovely night’s rest.