Bathroom Designs

4 options for decorating a bathroom

Here we show you 4 options for decorating a bathroom . It is 4 combinations of colors to decorate the same room. When decorating a bathroom , plus the type of furniture that will be used, keep in mind that depending on the lighting you have and what size it is, you must choose a color scheme or another. As combine colors in a bathroom can be tricky, we are going to show four ideas or examples of the same bathroom decorated with different colors.

decorating a bathroom

1- Decorate with soft, warm colors and a grayish blue, cream and light brown:

With the combination of these colors an environment that conveys warmth and peace is achieved. It is a simple and bold colors without decoration that helps maintain a serene atmosphere.

2- Use a red wall and combine with cream and brown furniture:

In this second option, the red on the wall is the star color. Red is a soft tone, somewhat dark but adds a touch of color to the room. In the case of furniture, drawers and doors have a creamy white but the edges of furniture have a dark wood color.

3- earth colors to decorate the bathroom:

For this third example of how to combine colors in a bath, has chosen to use earth colors. Three shades of brown, ranging from a dark one light brown, and achieve a simple bathroom. Stresses that both the wall and the floor have a very similar color.

4- A bold combination with purple or lilac as protagonist:

This latest example of decorating a bathroom is the most daring and colorful option. For wall used a purple or lilac in a slightly darker shade. For furniture, cream color on doors and drawers and a light shade of wood that resembles or approaches a darker shade of orange. The soil remains clear tile to not obscure the stay.