4 Low Impact Exercises You Can Do Everyday

Low impact exercises involve activities that don’t injure your knees because they put the least amount of stress on them. Some low-impact exercises do involve using one leg, just like high impact. Persons suffering poor posture and muscular pain can also benefit from performing several low-impact exercises. If you suffer a personal injury, back pain, or neck pain, you can try Meier Family Chiropractic for expert chiropractic advice and care.

Intense workouts that are long and feature heavyweights are not advisable for anyone suffering chiropractic complications. This blog post lists four exercises that can help ease the symptoms of your pain. Even though exercise will help you maintain the health benefits you gain from the chiropractic adjustments, it cannot replace the expert standard of chiropractic care.

The best way to boost blood flow to your organs, tissues, and cells is by visiting a chiropractor for a qualified diagnosis of your spinal problem. After diagnosis, your chiropractor will perform the necessary spinal realignment or adjustment to solve your condition.

The Proven Benefits of Exercise for Boosting Chiropractic Adjustments

Several studies have proven that the right low impact exercises are essential in strengthening the lower back muscles and managing chronic or acute lower back pain. Exercise also strengthens your abdominal muscles and reduces the strain on your lower back. Strengthening your abdominal muscles is a simple way of reducing back or neck pain.

Persons who exercise are less likely to have poor posture (for example, hunching over), which is a proven cause of the most common chiropractic problems like back and neck pain. If you are getting chiropractic adjustments, you must maintain proper posture to help the spinal realignment and manipulation holding.

Low impact exercises also boost your cardiovascular health and complement the improvement in the performance of your nervous system that happens after a chiropractic adjustment. When your chiropractor performs spinal realignment or adjustments, it reduces the strain on any pinched or compressed nerves and boosts blood flow to the spinal region. Improving your cardiovascular health is an excellent way to derive the maximum benefits from your chiropractic adjustment.


Most people do not consider stretching a form of exercise, but it is! Stretching is a very low-impact exercise that is perfect for almost all chiropractic patients. A simple way to keep feeling as good as you did after your chiropractic adjustment is to perform simple stretches that do not require you to break a sweat.

Stretching will keep the blood flowing to all your muscles and reduce any strain caused by improper posture. People who stretch in the morning and before bed are more relaxed and enjoy better sleep.


Walking is a severely underrated form of exercise. Not only does walking help you burn many calories, but it also does so without straining your muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you suffer back pain, running or skipping is not an ideal exercise for you because it may cause additional strain on your back muscles.

Try forming a habit of walking at least twenty minutes every day to get your muscles active, heart pumping and calories burning. You can take your walk after a meal and try to increase the distance you go over time; alternatively, you can walk more challenging routes, e.g. uphill. Exercise is a great low impact exercise suitable for everyone, even patients recovering from an injury.


Swimming is an appropriate low-impact workout because water reduces strain on muscles while still exercising them. Patients receiving chiropractic care stand to gain many advantages from taking up swimming. It is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health, stretch your muscles and burn calories.

If you are trying to keep back or neck pain at bay or recover range of motion after a chiropractic adjustment, you should consider swimming. Swimming will give your body the necessary exercise without placing undue strain on your aching or recovering muscles. Any chiropractic patient with access to a pool should undoubtedly take up swimming to keep fit and healthy.


Biking is an effective full-body yet low-impact workout. If you suffer lower back pain or neck pain, cycling a short distance will stretch your muscles and give them the warm-up necessary to boost blood flow. You can try forming a habit of biking at a particular time daily to witness the benefits of biking after a chiropractic adjustment.

When you exercise after your spinal realignment or manipulation, you are much more likely to maintain the health benefits you felt after chiropractic treatment. If you have suffered a serious injury, you should consult your doctor before taking up biking. Aggressive exercise may undo all the recovery progress you have made.