4 Do’s And 2 Don’ts Of Christmas Lighting

One can’t imagine Christmas without the vibrancy of those Christmas lights blinking along with the holiday songs playing in the background. It has been a favorite tradition for many homes and offices in different cities and countries to install Christmas lights as soon as the holidays are around the corner. You can try these projector Christmas lights to elevate your decor even more.

Nonetheless, before doing the installs to your property, it pays to know the right things to do when handling these sensitive lighting, as mishandling or doing them incorrectly could lead to grave results.

Every year, some residences, unfortunately, experience fire due to short circuits, poor Christmas light quality, and other preventable factors that were overlooked. Such accidents can be mitigated earlier if you do your research well and install your Christmas lights the right way.

The Do’s Of Holiday Lighting

To prevent mishaps this coming holiday season, check out the following do’s of Christmas lighting setup:

Do Use Lights That Are Appropriate For Outdoor Uses

The most important tip for installing Christmas lights for outdoor use is to ensure that they come with a verified mark from the local agency that inspects quality. These safety ratings should be clearly displayed on the packaging and the electrical cords. If these are absent, it’d be best to pass on buying that Christmas light and continue your search for something else.

You can’t overstate the importance of this ranking as they ensure that the lights can be used outdoors. When you’re looking to place your Christmas lights in your landscape, porch, or other outdoor spaces, it’s imperative to use only those appropriate for the outdoors. Also, ensure that the outdoor outlet can accommodate the wattage requirements. There are common problems with electrical outlets, and it’s best to have a safety outlet that automatically cuts power when it comes in contact with water.

You may need to inquire from a certified electrician when unsure of the outdoor outlets you have at home. Outdoor electrical decorations and supplies can handle winter’s extra moisture and precipitation. Ultimately, you shouldn’t use indoor decorations outside due to their inability to withstand the elements.

Do Prioritize Quality

Like any other products you purchase, cheap quality products aren’t built to last. In the case of Christmas lighting, do prioritize quality. You can’t afford to be a cheapskate on this purchase, as this could cause lives and the safety of your household members.

If you have existing holiday lighting sets but they have already cracked or broken sockets and loose connections, it’s time to throw them away. There are good-quality lanterns that don’t cost that much. You can find the best ones as long as you do your research well. Risking to use defective Christmas lights will only get you and your family in trouble later.  Also be sure to check out The #1 Choice for Christmas Light Company in Phoenix AZ – Valley Christmas Lights.

Do Examine Your Lights And Replace When Necessary

Even when you’ve already installed your Christmas lights, make it a habit to constantly check your bulbs, fuses, sockets, and wires for cracks and burns. Chances are there are external elements that could easily affect their condition. Failing to check them regularly could lead to a potential fire.

Ensure your lighting fixture can handle the wattage whenever you replace any bulbs. It’s better to go to the hardware store where you’ve purchased the lighting and ask for the exact bulb used on your lighting. This will ensure that you don’t mismatch bulbs which can lead to overheating.

Do Get Creative And Crafty

When purchasing Christmas lights, do get your creative juices flowing. There are many ways to design and decorate both your indoors and outdoors with these amazing lights. Along with other holiday decorating tricks, you can transform your home into a beautiful Christmas haven.

You can refer to some resources online for inspiration and ideas. Light strings can easily be jazzed up when you make use of other decorative elements too. Aside from hanging them on your Christmas tree, find other decorative elements to complement them with.

The Don’ts Of Christmas Lighting

Christmas Tree with Red Balls and Stars

The following are some of the don’ts of holiday lighting installation. Carry on reading below to learn more.

Don’t Turn On Too Many Lights Using One Outlet

Before installing Christmas lights, one must know the wattage capacity in one outlet.

Typically, the maximum current that a standard circuit breaker can handle is 15 amps. Each light string draws several milliamps. But when these bulbs are added, they can exceed capacity. This can seriously damage electrical wiring.

In addition, the longer the wires are connected, the farther the power must travel, resulting in dimmer lights. The best solution is to separate their plugs into different outlet power sources.

Don’t Use Materials That Can Harm Your Wires

The electrical wiring on some strings of holiday lights could easily be revealed and exposed. Some wires have a soft external covering. They can easily be torn when you use excessive tapes, tacks, and other office accessories. Therefore, it’s best to be careful when selecting the materials to be used during application.

When wires lose their protective covering, they can get into contact with metal components. And this can result in electrocution if they’re touched by a live string of Christmas lighting.


Christmas lights are very beautiful elements that’ll elevate your home to look more festive this yuletide season. Yet before going to the hardware, purchasing lights, and installing them, it pays to know the do’s and dont’s of handling these holiday lights. Take advantage of these essential safety tips to keep your family and home safe throughout the holiday season.