3 Tips For Choosing The Right Coloured Blinds For Your Home

The style and colour of your blinds affect the whole appearance of your room. You must choose these well if you wish to use your blinds for a long time.

Getting perfect fit venetian blinds will revolutionize the esthetics of your house, we all know, but these should be of the right colour. Here are tips for choosing your blinds:

1. Consider The Coverage

  • A sheer covering of windows: Sheer blinds allow better light to enter your space. If the weather is too warm or freezing, install a replacement for some other dark or blackout window shades such as cell shades or aluminum blinds. However, these covers are excellent window treatments if you want full light to enter your home. Consider going for yellow or white to give the windows a good look without blocking the light too much.
  • Semi-sheer coverage: Semi-sheer windows are an excellent option if you still want a decent amount of sunlight in your home to help block the sun glare at the same time. They usually go with milder climates and give the space a feel of sophistication. You can try opting for cream or gray shades to provide a neutral and elegant ambiance to your room.
  • Darkening of space: If you want to darken your space yet still get a cozy ambiance with soft light going in the room, you can go for darker shades of blinds. Deep yellow, green, mocha, and other darker shades will go well with your space to create a comforting ambiance.
  • Blackout: Blackout window blinds can cut off all-natural light, leaving the room dark when installed. You cannot work without artificial light in a room with all-round blackout blinds. It would help if you went for full opaque and dark colours such as black or dark brown to achieve this kind of look.

2. Decide What Emotions You Want To Portray

Your choice of colors can also depend on what emotion you want to show in the room. It reflects what kind of mood you want to set and how you want people to feel whenever they’re in your space.

  • Yellow: It’s an expressive colour that can evoke hope or fear, depending on the hue. The right shade of yellow will promote confidence, emotional intensity, and imagination, but irrationality and anxiety can be seen in others. A balance between yellow and other colours can be remedied in your room.
  • Red: It can evoke passion, enthusiasm, and excitement. There might be a thin line between the positive and negative sides of red. Balance them wisely with other colours. Red attracts our attention because it looks brighter than different colours in a room. It can create the illusion of passion in your room, especially if you contrast it with calmer colours.
  • Green: It’s the essence and balance of many cultures, but it could just as quickly be bland. That’s because it generally has a little drastic impact when we see it. But, if you’re going for a cozy and nature-like ambiance, a soft green would be a nice touch to your home.
  • Blue: This brilliant colour encourages. Pick a shade that will go well with the other elements of your room. A dark blue colour paired with darker shades like black can create a sad feeling to the room, so make sure that your room’s other design aspects are bright and clean.
  • Black: It’s sophisticated and emotional when appropriately employed. If not matched well with other colours, it can look too depressing.
  • White And Cream: You can never go wrong with shades of white and cream. It’s the perfect shade for minimalist spaces and maximalist designs that need a fresh and neat corner.

When you decide on what colour to pick for blinds, consider the other decorative pieces and furniture in the space. Make sure that they complement one another and create a cohesive design.

3. Go For One Design Theme

Deciding on one design theme can help you decide what window blinds you need for the room or house. By doing so, you can pair up pieces and colours that work together to unify the space. Here are some of the interior themes that you can consider:

  • Ultra-modern: Blinds, of course, fit modern spaces, but you can quickly drive them further into other genres with your chosen paint range. You can’t go wrong with pure and white blinds if your space should appear young, smart, and straightforward. Try to have a pair of gray blinds in your room for something more neutral, contemporary, or transitional.
  • Earthy: Timber or faux wood blinds are, without a doubt, the best alternative for earthy interiors. In Zen-inspired spaces, bamboo blinds will blend well with the space as these are more natural and less structured. Not only are they earthy; they’re also environment-friendly. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and is, therefore, extremely sustainable, making it ideal for any earth-focused interior. Choose natural bamboo blinds for your neutral, natural spot in beige and tan.
  • Retro: A funky, sophisticated, or retro material of Scandinavian space will go well with blinds. A bold set of blinds can’t go wrong as they’re excellent pop of colours. These window panels celebrate one of the largest fashion trends in the 1950s and 60s and suit your room in many bright and wild colours. You can also make them your statement or accent piece in the room by choosing striking colours like red in comparison to your muted furniture pieces.
  • Wholly conventional: There are only a few better options to incorporate traditional or formal living spaces than genuine wooden blinds in a dark mahogany shade. The luxurious yet classic appearance of dark wood suits any traditional room as it provides a natural yet structured look compared with bamboos. The dark colour of mahogany provides elegance, and you can pair it with any of your decorative pieces in the room.
  • Artsy: Blinds may not be the obvious choice if you have plants, oriental rugs, and original artworks around you. But, blinds are actually good choices for eclectic spaces. You can choose rustic colours and bright yet muted ones, depending on what paintings or art pieces you have. For instance, you can select colours like rustic orange, mustard, olive green, and more.


The perfect colour can ultimately improve the look of your space. Before deciding what colour you should get, consider all the design aspects you plan to have inside your home. Follow the given tips above, and you’ll, indeed, have the best blinds colours in your well-designed living space.