10 Ways To Repurpose Old DIY Sweaters

With the number of warmer days slowly increasing, you are probably going to stash away all of your winter clothes if you haven’ done it already. While doing that somewhat tedious task of sorting winter clothes, you’ve probably came across some sweaters that are too old and torn or ones that you definitely won’t be wearing again. Instead of putting them away to take up unnecessary space or throwing them away, use them. Embellishing old sweaters or making new clothes from them may be the first thing that comes to mind. However the true challenge involves breathing new life into your once favorite sweater by turning it into something completely different and much more useful. There are countless things you can turn your sweater into with only a bit of effort and creativity and here we will give you 10 of the countless ways to repurpose your DIY sweaters.

Ombre Sweater Pumpkins

DIY sweaters

Pumpkins might be more of a fall decor, but these ombre sweater pumpkins are so lovely that you’ll want to keep them as decor pieces all year long. They are fun and easy to make and require minimal sewing skill, so anyone can make them.

Cozy Sweater Pillowcase

DIY sweaters

How can you keep your favorite soft and cozy sweater close to you after it becomes to worn down to wear? Turn it into a soft and cozy pillowcase that you can relax with all year long. It will also help in refreshing the look of the sofa with minimal cash and effort.

Up-cycled Sweater Bag

DIY sweaters

Maybe you are more of an outdoor person and you have more need of a bag then a pillowcase. Your old sweater will serve nicely for that as well. With just a bit of cutting and sewing you can turn your sweater into this one-of-a-kind stylish bag.

Cotton Sweater to Baby Wash Cloth

DIY sweaters

If you are begging to learn the joys of parenthood with your newborn baby, you are finding out that you can newer have too many washcloths. So, save some money for diapers by repurposing your old soft cotton sweater into much needed baby wash cloths.

Homemade Dog Bed

Our pets provide us with so much affection and companionship that they deserve a nice and warm place to rest and sleep after a long day of activity. Return their love by making this snugly and adorable homemade dog bed. Your doggy will appreciate it,

Cozy Lampshade

DIY sweaters

Sometimes small things can make a difference in how your home looks, like the cover of your pendant lampshade. If you’re bored of the lamp cover, but don’t want to change the whole thing, here is how you can get a cozy lampshade with your old sweater.

Bunny Softie

Every child loves stuffed animals and they are even more precious when mommy or daddy made them. Sweaters make great materials for softies, and you can make them in any size and form, but if you want a cute little bunny, this is the tutorial for you.

Wine Bag

You simply can’t go wrong with a gift like a good wine. However, in last minute situations, you might forget to buy a suitable gift wrap or bag. But you will never be without a nice wine bag when you have some nice old sweaters at hand. And here ishow you can make one in minutes.

DIY Sweaters Bracelets

DIY sweaters

Bangle bracelets are a great accessory and they come in many designs, but the more fancy ones can be a bit more expensive then you’re willing to pay. But, with your old DIY sweaters and some old broaches, you can have one or even several stylish and textured bangle bracelets.

Cozy Frames

DIY sweaters

Do you have a sweater that carries so many memories with it that you simply ca’t throw it away no matter how old and torn it is? Then give it the treatment it deserves, making a true keepsake from it by turning it into this cozy frame that will decorate your home forever.