10 Unique Valentine Ideas to Try Instead of a Regular Dinner

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably anxious about how to surprise your partner.

You’ve most likely sent gifts and gone on dates in previous years. Perhaps you did something fun during the Christmas and New Year celebrations that only just whooshed past a while ago. Now you just want to do something different, but it seems you’re running out of ideas.

Not to worry; there’s so much you can do to spice up your Valentine’s Day and enchant your lover’s heart anew.

Valentine is a time to share love, not just to your partner but to family and friends as well.

But how do you make it unique for that special one?

Here are some beautiful ideas.

1. Keep it simple

Sometimes, less is more. You don’t always have to break the bank or ride into the sun to show how much that person means to you. Sometimes, a little handwritten note inside a sweet-smelling flower can remind your partner of all that your relationship stands for. That’s if you’re a man, though.

Otherwise, get your partner an exotic bottle of long-lasting perfume, a beard brush, or a game console, depending on where their interests lie. More often than not, a gift that captures a person’s interests or needs is the most thoughtful thing you could ever do.

For example, you could order an ergonomic chair for your work-from-home partner who complains of body pain.

2. Plan together

Proper planning can make a whole lot of difference in how your Valentine’s Day turns out. You see, you may choose to surprise your partner, but what if there’s something they’d particularly have preferred instead? That’s not to say surprises should be avoided; in fact, they’re recommended as nothing could be more romantic.

But sometimes, being in sync with your partner can help avoid disappointments and instead make the most out of the day. Find out what their dreams and fantasies are and see if you can’t make it come to pass together this Valentine.

3. Make it a family celebration

Again, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day for lovers alone. You could take your kids along if you’ve got some. But this isn’t about going on a road trip.

Write cards to your kids, telling them to get their own cards and gifts for their mom. Then arrange a family love feast where everyone reads out their hearts, sharing love and stories all night long.

4. A romantic outdoor dinner

If you’ve always gone on dates to fancy restaurants, maybe this is the time to bring it home. An outdoor dinner is an incredibly romantic way to spend love this Valentine, especially if you’re Covid-19-conscious.

But beyond that, it offers you the feel of being away from your regular interior space while still being so close to home.

Set up a stylish backyard dinner party with incredible outdoor lighting ideas. Use fabric, plants, candlelight, and pendants to create an erotic appeal as you settle down for a drink or two with your lover. Top it off with some mouthwatering dish you ordered online to perfect that fancy restaurant feel.

5. A personalized gift

Even when you intend to do something else, like an outdoor dinner, Valentine wouldn’t be complete without gifts. But this year, why not send something more thoughtful than regular jewelry and clothing?

Perhaps, you could customize a piece of jewelry with your lover’s name on it, with “Happy Valentine” inscribed alongside or on a handwritten card.

6. Cook something special for her

Most women consider it highly romantic and thoughtful when their man cooks dinner. Make it a special treat. If you’re worried about your culinary skills, know that it isn’t so difficult to grasp if you’re willing to follow directions strictly.

Here’s how to make your V-Day dinner special:

  • Ensure the kids aren’t at home: take them to their grandparents) unless you’re going for the Love Feast.
  • Plan your menu according to what she likes
  • Spread a fanciful tablecloth with inexpensive flowers on it.
  • Get everything done or almost before she arrives so she doesn’t have to do anything.
  • Dessert, coffee, or wine comes later

You can end the night with a romantic movie.

7. Meet up for lunch

Why not rush to her workplace and take her out for lunch if possible? There’s no law stating you must celebrate V-Day after work hours.

Get away from your office at lunchtime and meet her with flowers in hand at her workplace. And what’s more, such creative efforts mean so much more to women than expensive gifts.

If this isn’t feasible due to the nature of your work, avoid it. You don’t want unpleasant complications that may end up ruining your day.

8. Start off on a great note

Again, sometimes, less is more.

Before your partner wakes up, place your wedding photograph or any picture of you two on the dresser with “I love you” scribbled. Let this be the first thing they wake up to, and your Valentine’s off to a great start!

Other creative alternatives include leaving a note in her purse, taped to the bathroom mirror, or on her car’s dashboard.

9. Help them relax with a Heart-shaped CBD bath bomb

A heart-shaped, hemp-derived CBD bath might be just what your partner needs to relax after a long day. Fill up the bath with essential oils with beautiful notes to help them relax, soothe sore muscles, and soften their skin.

The heart-shaped petals create that sentimental Valentine aura, and you could take it up a notch by offering a massage while they’re immersed.

10. A gift box

Whether a male or female, anyone would feel cherished when they receive a gift set containing different items specially curated for them. For your wife or girlfriend, think about getting her favorite make-up kit and skincare products alongside some chocolate bars for Valentine. You could have it delivered to her office.

For your man, consider curating a fancy wallet, Bluetooth beanie, personalized boxers, and a bottle of wine. You may come up with different items, but ensure they align with his interests, anything you believe he needs even when he doesn’t yet realize it.

Wrapping up

Of course, this isn’t all you can do to spice up this year’s Valentine. Nevertheless, they can open up even more creative ideas in your mind that would be more appropriate for your unique partner and relationship.