10 Types Of Clamps every Plumber uses

Pipe and wire tee clamps are essential in almost all the sectors like power, gas and oil. It is used to bind wires and cables properly. You will get these clamps in a wide range of sizes and materials from plastic or metal. To buy clamps online is an easy task these days. Consider exploring bosseasyclamp.com, one of the best online stores that deal with different types of pipe and clamps.

1. Plastic Tee Clamps

These clamps are made of high quality plastic and can withstand heat, moisture and corrosion. These are also used for joining and forming Tee Joint for heavy conductors. conductor size (mm): 16 Cu, 16 Al, 14 NCS, 14 ZS. These are available in different colors like black, blue, brown, beige, and so forth. Hot Tub Filter Tee Clamps Hot Tub Filter Clamp is very similar to morgrip clamps. This one has a spring mechanism that helps in rotating the head and keeping them in place.

2. Wire Tee Clamps

Wire clamp made of metal and steel is generally used to hold wires tightly with the help of a gripping device. They are available in different sizes and various attractive colors like black, copper, bronze, and so on. Magnetic Tee Clamps are manufactured by the well-known magnetic material company called K&N. These magnetic clamps are used in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, medical devices and safety applications.

3. Thermoset Tee Clamps

Thermoset Tee Clamps

Thermoset is another name of thermoplastic polymer. This type of clamps is also known as the thermoplastic wire mesh. They are usually available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. These clamps are used to seal the pipe ends. The most common use of thermoplastic wire mesh is for sealing the pipe joints or seams.

4. Pipe Clamp

Pipe clamps hold the pipe edges firmly so that they do not sag or bend. These clamps are generally supplied in two types of standard and metric. The standard size of these clamps is 6 feet. There are also some clamps which can be connected to electric water pumps. These clamps have ratchet type mechanism that helps to lock the pipe in its desired position.

5. Hose Clamps

Plastic Tee Clamps made of PVC are also known as hose clamps. They are very convenient to use because these are adjustable and can be adjusted according to the length and diameter of the pipe. They can also be adjusted manually. This is one of the most popular kinds of plumbers clamps because of their easy handling and flexibility. Some of these plumbers clamps also come with spring installation that helps in tightening and holding the drain plug firmly.

6. EZ Push-On Tee Clamps

EZ Push-On Tee Clamps

A push-on clamp is one of the most common types of plumbers clamps. These plumbers hose clamps can be adjusted easily depending on the length of the hose. These plumber’s hose clamps come with ratchet mechanism which helps in tightening the screw. These plumbers clamps also help in protecting the drain plug from blockage. Most of these plumbers clamps are made of plastic or rubber.

7. Drain Hose Clamps

EZ Push-On Tee Clamps The most common type of hose clamp is the EZ push-on hose clamp. This plumber’s tool is used in filling the drain with a hose, reducing the work load on the plumbing system. These clamps are specially designed for flexible hose diameter. This tool is important in the construction field, because it reduces the number of turns you need to make while installing drain pipes. This tool is available in different diameters and it helps in easy installation of drain pipes.

8. Pipe Extension Hoses

Pipe Extension Hoses

The pipe extension hoses can also be used as plumbing tools. You can also use these types of plumber’s tools to fix the broken pipe. It is very necessary to select the right type of pipe extender hose for your needs. Choose the one that is strong enough and yet flexible so that you can extend the drain pipe easily. You can choose from different diameters ranging from two-inch to six-inch diameter.

9. Tee Clamps

Tee Clamps are commonly used in bathroom and kitchen drains. The main purpose of using a Tee clamp is to lock the drained surface and keep the dirt and sediments out of the drain. There are various types of clamps available in the market and you can select anyone for your drainage needs. These clamps are made up of high strength materials and you can safely handle them even if they are made up of soft metals like iron, brass or steel. Some of these clamps have automatic shut off features, which allow you to turn the hose off after you have finished with your task.

10. Drain Snake clamps

are another type of plumbing tools. These tools are also known as snake bites. They are often used by professional plumbers for plumbing repairs around the house. Drain snake can be adjusted according to the size of the blocked drain and it has special cutting edges that enable it to cut through the concrete and other pipes, which make it easier to unclog the drain.