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10 tips to save electricity

Want to save on electricity and it seems impossible with rates going up and up? Good news: it is not impossible. With a good knowledge of the bill and some tricks, the 2014 can certainly save on your electricity bill .

Understand the bill, essential:

It is important knowing what they charge, to adjust your intake and review invoices are correct. You will find the following:

1. Contracted power : The fixed part of the bill and the minimum receivable by the power company. The cost they charge you multiply out of kilowatt days hired by the bill and the price per kW.
2. Energy consumption is the amount of electricity consumed and the variable part of the bill. Varies according to consumption but also of quarterly auctions to set rates.
3. Electricity tax : it sets the Spanish government and is intended for investment in renewable energy. Imposes a 4.864% the sum of the power and energy consumed.
4. Equipment Rental : The monthly rental counter light. Usually a fixed amount, which is multiplied by the days to invoice.
5. IVA : 21% to the sum of all the above amounts apply.

save electricity

Tips to save electricity:

1. Check the contracted power : a higher power, more cost. Depending on the house and needs, the most common power is between 4 and 10kw. You should be able to plug both devices you need.
2. Hire a fee schedules : electricity is cheaper between 22h and 12h. If your schedule allow you to use appliances and heating in that time slot, you may be interested to hire an hourly rate.
3. Facilitates the meter reading and check that it is well on the invoice. Estimated readings may be incorrect.
4. The heating and air conditioning, a reasonable temperature : use them only when you’re at home and at a temperature between 19 and 21º 17º maximum day and night for heating and 24 ° or 25 ° for air conditioning. Think about that for every degree of more or less, energy consumption increases between 7 and 8%.
5. Ensures good insulation and ventilation : a good glass, woodwork do not let go cold, weather stripping on doors and windows, carpets on the floor and blinds, curtains and awnings will help regulate the climate of your home and make it more sustainable .
6. Low Lux and just needed : the light bulbs can save up to 80% energy and last longer than conventional. Are also recommended halogen lamps. Maximum use of natural light and turns off lights when leaving a room. Putting motion sensors in some areas or split switches to turn lights are just a few other tricks.
7. Think white : if you’re going to paint your home or any room, keep in mind that light colors give much more light and, therefore, help to make better use of natural light.
8. Do not leave appliances on standby : leave appliances on standby or chargers plugged in when not in use can be a 5% of energy consumption.
9. Use efficient appliances and correctly : although more expensive, if you replace appliances, bet on the high energy efficiency (class A ++). Also think about putting the washing machine and dishwasher when full or half-load programs; wash cold; not leave the fridge open or put in hot food; bake several things at once; use the residual heat from cooking or drying in the sun …
10. Make a good maintenance : have clean electrical appliances and installation in good condition makes the most of its power and not spend more than necessary. Note that if you have insured your house in the RACC, you can check once a year, free of charge, facilities of electricity, plumbing, refrigeration and heating.