10 Tips to Be an Interior Designer

Tips to Be an Interior Designers

Interior designing is one of the most interesting and fascinating profession. It includes fun, contrasts, combinations and a lot more. Basically, interior designing is about making the spaces inside the house useful, functional and safe in a beautiful way. You can do it by selecting different designing patterns and ways. It includes designing and arts, but it requires great knowledge, thinking and scientific approach. It’s not that much easy as it looks. You would need to learn some professional skills to learn, earn and yearn in a professional way. There is a common impression that interior designing is about cutting and fabrics, but it is not right. It’s about making patterns, combinations, techniques and a little about math-e-matics. And if you are choosing it as your profession then you must be able to create things which are customer oriented. This article covers ten basic and important tips for you.

1. Start young and see what excites you

You have to find the things which excite you and motivate you towards your goal. Start doing little things just like a young one, even if you are not in young age but you will be in beginning in your interior designing career. So you are young there. Do practice little things with curiosity and excitement. Spark up your initial interests, just like Sophie Conran and award-winning interior designer did.

2. Believe in yourself

Second thing is to believe in your own self. It is a very important and basic thing to be. Because no one would trust you if you don’t trust yourself and your skills. If you are going to select something, just stay focused and keep working. On the path, you may find difficulties and face failure, but the end will be perfect for you. Hard work makes the path easier and the destination clearer. As the writer narrates that she failed at college but found her interest in designing and practice made her perfect.

3. Practice your math’s, it’s not all choosing lovely curtains

A misconception about interior designing is that people think its easy and all about fabric or curtains. But it is not that much easy and simple. You need to learn basic math’s skill at least regarding scaling and measurements. Otherwise, you can never perform perfectly. It includes great hard work and skills. You have to stick to education, to make a good base. Education is not separated from design.

4. Consider an internship

After learning the basics, for the sake of practice, one should go for doing an internship. It will let you learn more. Internships allow you to work with a team and teamwork opens up your brain. There you will learn the real skills and pressure management. You will be able to learn how to perform in industry.

5. Don’t blow the budget

A common mistake made by most of the new designers is that they tend to make things perfect looking and spend a lot of money on this. And then customers feel uncomfortable about the budget. So, it is better to plan according to the budget limit and you can also manage it somehow by getting different deals and packages from the sellers and suppliers. Budget management is really important otherwise you may fail.

6. Be brave

You must be brave enough to try new things! Interior designing or whatever the field of designing is requires experimentation and testing. You should have the courage to try things. Conran narrates that once she used the combination of yellow and blue, it wasn’t as good as she expected but she never stopped trying even after that bad experience. Get your inspiration from wherever it comes, either those are books, magazines or something you didn’t even like.

7. Don’t aim for perfection

Nothing is perfect and cannot even be perfect. And if something is all perfect that don’t make a match and essence of comfort. Because it doesn’t reflect human nature, whatever the condition is human beings always relate things to themselves either knowing or unknowing that or not. The more you strive for perfection, the more it disappears. The most important thing is to create a relaxed and calm environment, just don’t aim for perfection.

8. Look for inspiration in everything and get to know your clients

There is no categorized area or things for inspiration. You can even get inspiration from anything someone got diverted even. You can get inspiration from books, magazines, internet, shops, and anyone around you. The first thing is to understand the requirements of your customers and then feel the way they feel. It is important because later on, they will be living in that room not you, so you have to work according to their requirements. You must know about their likes and dislikes. You must ask them about their lifestyle, what they want and what they don’t want to see. Even color combinations should be selected according to their choice.

9. Take your time with color and lighting

Color selection is a very important part of designing. It is better to adopt some precautionary measures before applying color to the whole room. Firstly, apply color to a smaller area of a wall; show it to customers because they can tell you better about their room. On different times of day, colors have different shades because of the difference in rays of light coming from the sun. Then try seeing it in different lights and angles. Take time before finalizing colors, as much as time you will give, more confident you will be. You can also apply the method of elimination while making a decision between more than two combinations.

10. Be empathetic and think about how a room makes you feel

You should be able to empathize with your client. It will make things easy for you and your client both. It’s a little about being a nanny, psychologist and a lot of empathy. And then when you make something which is liked by your customer, you will feel really good and exciting. The best feeling comes when your work is loved, and its only possible by empathy and understanding.


Nothing is easy to be, there is always a pathway towards success. But it requires patience and courage to build up skills at a professional level. Make yourself clear, confident and passionate. And stay consistent towards your goals, you will be successful. This article has covered all the important things in it.