10 Fun Casino Games to Relax With

The words “relaxing” and “casino” may not go well together at first glance, but there are actually some casino games out there that are more relaxing rather than frustrating for casino lovers to play, and most of them can be found online. These relaxing online casino games would often have calming or mesmerizing backgrounds or art styles that would remind you of the days when you would go to the beach or any other fun tourist destinations, while some actually have relaxing gameplay that wouldn’t stress you out regardless if you win or lose. To give you an introduction to these types of games, here are ten relaxing casino games that you can play online.

Fruit Zen

Do you like fruits? Then you will definitely like playing Fruit Zen, an online slot machine that has fruits as its symbols. Like many other slot machines, all you would need to do is pair up the same fruits in order to win, and winning in this slot machine is relatively easy since there are not a lot of fruits in each slot. Besides the fruits, the purple sky in the background is also quite calming, which makes it one of the most relaxing casino games online.

Lucky Blue

Lucky Blue is another slot machine, but this time it has cartoonish sea creatures as symbols and a sunken ship that has turned into a beautiful home for sea life as a background. In addition to sea creatures, the slot machine also features letters that make it easier to see which symbols match up. The cartoon creatures and the mostly blue background are what makes this slot machine to be quite fun for casino lovers to play.

Beach Slot

If you love going to the beach but unable to do it, then playing a round of Beach Slot might satisfy your need to see the white sands and clear waters. Beach Slot is a fun online slot machine that features several items or sceneries that you would often see on beaches, such as palm trees, surfboards, and many more.


Lights is an online slot machine that has Chinese symbols as some of the icons in each slot, but these symbols are also accompanied by letter and numbers that have a Chinese-style font. This slot machine is mostly popular for the bonuses that it gives to players, and playing it sometimes wouldn’t feel like you are losing even if you are not winning a lot. The Lights slot machine is available on several casino websites like Lucky Bird Casino and many more.


The aurora borealis found in the Glow slot machine’s background is already relaxing enough, but the simplicity of its gameplay and mechanics is what makes this game even more calming for beginners and veterans in slot machines. Similar to Lights, Glow also features letters, but instead of Chinese symbols, the slot machine features animal symbols that have an Aztec art style.

247 Blackjack

Slot machines are not the only relaxing casino games you can find online, as there is also a game called 247 Blackjack, a simple blackjack game that has no confusing gameplay mechanics and rules. This game is made for players that only want to play blackjack without any distractions, which means that there are no backgrounds or unique symbols, as there are only the chips, the cards, and the green table that is seen on the screen.

Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino is a mobile app that provides players with plenty of casino games to play. Most of the games found in the app have cartoonish graphics, which helps in making the games more beginner-friendly and relaxing. As mentioned before, there are many games found in Big Fish Casino, but one of the most popular games in the app is poker.

Heart of Vegas Casino

Heart of Vegas Casino is another mobile that features a Vegas aesthetic, so you will find a lot of neon lights, fountains, and luxurious buildings as background or symbols for most of the games in the app. Like Big Fish Casino, the Heart of Vegas Casino app also has plenty of games to offer, with all of them being slot machines.

Free Casino Games

Almost anything that is free is fun, and this could also apply to playing free casino games online. There are many casino websites that provide their customers with free games, which is usually played to improve skills and strategies in the game. However, these free games could also be played if you just want to play poker or a slot machine without the need to give credits or coins to the casino, thus making them guilt-free games as well.

Playing Poker with Friends

Playing a classic game of poker with friends is relaxing, as you wouldn’t really mind if you are losing or winning as long as you are having fun with your closest friends. Besides playing poker in your house or in your friend’s home, you can also play online by sitting on one virtual poker in a casino website that allows friends to play together in one game of poker.