10 DIY Ways To Glam Up Plain TOMS

When you are on your feet the whole day, whether for business or pleasure during hot spring and summer days you need some cool, light and comfortable footwear. Although there are many brands and styles of shoes with those desirable features, we still choose other more stylish and uncomfortable shoes, simply because they look better. A clear example are the Toms. These lovely light shoes are made from fabric and have flat soles, so they are comfortable and won’t make your feet feel like they’re in an oven. Aside from that, the brand has a humanitarian “one for one” policy, meaning that for every purchased pair, another is given to children in need. Yet, we’d choose to wear flats or other shoes because Toms are too plain and dull looking, unless you look at them as an empty canvas that you can turn into your unique creation. So, take your old Toms or buy yourself a new pair and refashion them, like in these 10 cool Toms tutorials.

Marker Drawn Toms

marker drawn toms

Since Toms are made from a canvas-like fabric, the easiest thing to do to refashion them is to paint them, or in this case draw on them. Take a permanent marker, choose a design you like and transfer it on your plain Toms. The neat drawn Toms can surprise you.

Spray Painted Toms

Spray painted toms

Maybe you’re not very good at painting, but it takes practically no skill to spray paint your Toms. Simply make a stencil in the shape you want or, like in this case, take a doily, cover the Toms and spray it with whatever paint you want. Instant makeover.


Insta toms

Thanks to today’s smart phones we are able to photographically record every moment of our lives and share them on instagram. Now you can use those instagram photos to make your one-of-a-kind insta-Toms with some glue and this tutorial.

Embroidered Toms

Embroidered toms

Painting or gluing photos onto your shoes is nice, but if needlework is more your forte, then you can make yourself some lovely embroidered Toms. Here is an embroidered dandelion to give you some inspiration to make whatever you like.

Pearl Toms

Pearl toms

Toms are not shoes that you could call fancy and even if you aren’t able to wear heals, Toms would be your last choice of shoes for a more classy gathering, unless you give them a bit of glam and class by turning them into pearl spattered Toms.

Fabric Toms

Fabric toms

Those who have Toms know how comfortable they are and have probably worn them into the ground. If you’re one of them and don’t want to break in new pair of shoes here is how you can “reupholster” your old mono-chromed Toms with new colorful fabric.

Toms Makeover

Toms makeover

Give your beloved damaged Toms a makeover. With a few supplies like some peel and stick sheets, some lace and a few hours of your time, you too can have an awesome looking pair of Toms like this one.

Rhinestone Toms

Many times

Rhinestone toms

simple is better, like in this situation, where with just a few well placed rhinestones and some silver nail polish you get a very classy variation of the Toms that you’ll have no trouble wearing at more formal and special occasions.

Wedding Toms

Wedding toms

Speaking of special occasions, nothing tops a wedding and every bride-to-be must be warned that although high heels are lovely, there is no chance that you can last in them the whole day and night. So, have a spare fancy footwear like these beautiful wedding Toms with lace and flowers.

Sequin Toms

So far we’ve suggested making your Toms classy with pearls, lace, rhinestone and even nail polish. But, if you’re pressed for time, we suggest you try these sequin Toms that will take you just a few minutes to make and a lot, lot longer until you get tired of them.