10 Antenatal Tips for Pregnant Mothers

Antenatal care is very important for pregnant women for their well-being and their babies. It’s not so much big news that you will see different pieces of information flying around as regards antenatal care, which some might not be so.

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You have come to the right place to get different antenatal tips to keep you and your baby safe.

10 Antenatal Tips for Pregnant Mothers

1. Attend scheduled antenatal appointment

Once you are pregnant, you want to make sure to visit a standard hospital for early prenatal care. This ensures the examination of your health and the baby’s status by your doctor.

Your doctor also gives you expert advice on how to manage yourself well during this period, including lifestyle changes.

2. Take a healthy and balanced diet

You share your nutrients with the baby while pregnant, this is the reason you need to eat good food. Vitamins help in the bone, vision, and brain development of your baby. 

As well, folate and calcium-rich foods like yogurt, milk, and oranges are important for you to take. This helps in bone and teeth development for your baby.

Avoid eating raw or uncooked food, which contains bacteria that can be harmful to your baby. Some fishes like sharks contain mercury, which is poisonous.

3. Call your doctor immediately

Once you notice abnormal symptoms like dizziness, vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, and decreased baby activity, make sure to contact your doctor immediately for treatment.

Pay attention to little details to avoid complications

4. Don’t practice self-medication

Pregnancy is a delicate stage in which you cannot afford to be taking drugs as you like. Some drugs are not advisable for pregnant women to use, as they can lead to side effects.

So use drugs that are prescribed by your medical doctor, and don’t hide the fact that you are pregnant.

5. Exercise regularly

Exercise aids easier delivery by building up stamina in you to withstand the labor. It also relieves you of stress and some discomforts like headaches, and backache associated with pregnancy.

However, consult your doctor before you start any exercise. 

6. Don’t stress yourself

Let your chores and work be minimal with little or no stress. If possible, get someone that can help you with some of the chores. Stress can cause miscarriages, and it can pose dangers to your health. 

Have regular rest and enough sleep.

7. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Apart from the dehydration ability of alcohol, it degenerates the spinal and brain development of a baby. Smoking can cause sudden infant syndrome.

As a pregnant woman, you shouldn’t take them.

8. Be well hydrated

As said earlier, you share nutrients with your baby during pregnancy. 

You need to take enough water every day to perform biological processes like the distribution of nutrients, production of amniotic fluid, easy digestion, and the formation of new tissues.

9. Practice relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques like meditation, massaging, deep breathing, and stretching help you to connect more with the baby and focus on more positive outcomes.

10. Take pregnancy class

For a more enjoyable and enlightening experience, you can take pregnancy classes that will guide you on how to have a smooth experience.

You can also start a blog on pregnancy.